Madinah Regoinal Municipilaty


Please allow us a minute of your time. This is a survey to measure the voice of the customer and work to improve the quality of services provided by the secretariat. Thank you for your cooperation in the public interest.


18 - 30 Year 31 - 40 Year 41 - 50 Year More than 50 Year


male female


Saudi Khaligi Egyptian Syrian Jordanian Lebanese Moroccan Indian Bengali Pakistani Other than that


ignorant primary Middle school secondary Bachelor Master PHD

What is the characteristic that you review the secretariat?

Person of the relationship personally The transaction is for my father / mother Legitimate agent Owner of an e-government services center engineering office

What is your average weekly visit to the secretariat?

One Time 2 Times 3 Times 5 Times

What is the receptionist's rating?

Friendly and helpful Uncooperative UN friendly Fickle every visit

What is the classification of the transaction for which you are reviewing?

Isthkam Expropriation Construction License / Restoration License Shop License Professional license Follow up the rental of the Secretariat's facilities Receipt of dues / compensation Restoration license

What is the rate of progress in completing your transaction for each reviewer?

very slow Slow good very good Excellent My goal has been achieved

Notes / visuals / suggestions